Eriacta Eriacta is one a preparation targeted to overcome problems with men potency. This preparation is one of the generics of Viagra. It is well-known that Viagra was the first patented preparation for the medication of erectile dysfunction.

The drug elements of Viagra generics, such as Eriacta, are approximately the same as the initial product. The prices for generics are lower, but it is because of the lesser costs spent on advertising and promotion on the market. So, customers may be sure that Eriacta is an effective and reliable medication.


The main active constituent of Eriacta is sildenafil. Sildenafil facilitates the conditions for erection by the relaxation of the muscles of the organ and letting the flow of blood. In such way, the erection happens after sexual stimulation. After using Eriacta, without sexual arousal, erection will not come. The erection will stop after the end of sexual actions.

The action of Eriacta is manifested through half an hour after administration, the tablet acts (typically 50 mg) for about 4-5 hours. If you need to achieve a more rapid effect, you should take a pill before a meal. But the usage of this drug should be agreed with your physician, and he must determine your dosage.

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction, and in some cases it may be treated only by tablets. In such cases Eriacta is doctor’s choice number one to cure such disease. This drug is not addictive, does not interfere with the ability to conceive, rather on the contrary, it helps in conception. Another important thing that is to be noted is the opportunity to experience several orgasms in a single usage of the preparation, as Eriacta allows reducing of the refractory period.

Use and Contraindications

  • Sildenafil 3D ballsThe suggested single dosage – 50 mg. sildenafil.
  • The maximum each day dosage – 100 mg.
  • The minimum dosage – 25 mg.
  • Start taking Eriacta with the recommended dosage of 50 mg. Increment and reduction depends on individual indulgence of the organism. The maximal dosage – 100 mg. You should not use the preparation more often than once a day.
  • This medication is advised to be taken about an hour before sexual relations. If you are using the medication with fatty foods, suction efficiency would be reduced by 20% -40% and you would have to wait for 2-3 hours.
  • Alcohol is not recommended in large quantities.
  • Duration of sildenafil is linked with individual peculiarities of the organism, and it usually lasts for about 5 hours.
  • The medicine is fully removed from the body within 35 hours.

Side effects

Eriacta is very dependable and highly safe. Adverse effects don’t last for too long. Their influence passes pretty soon. Among the adverse effects should be mentioned headache, nasal congestion, dizziness, dispersion, flushing, blurred vision. Eating does not affect the quality of sperm.


  • The usage of the medication is not prescribed for men who are taking nitrates for angina and other cardiovascular diseases (nitroglycerin, kardiket, nitrosorbid, monosan and others). It is absolutely contraindicated, because blood pressure may sharply drop, so that the patient may lose consciousness and even die.
  • Patients suffering from, or having a predisposition to priapism should take the drug with extreme caution and only after consulting their physician.
  • Eriacta is contraindicated for women and children less than 18 years.
  • Absolutely cannot be taken with poppers!!!

Remember! Before trying this preparation, or any of the same field, you must obligatory consult your physician. Self-medication may be dangerous for your health.