Ranbaxy in the International Pharmaceutical Industry


Ranbaxy "Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited" – India's biggest pharmaceutical partnership and an integrated global pharmaceutical company, which is engaged in medical research and produces a great number of quality, affordable generic medicines, ranked by both physicians and patients around the world. Ranbaxy Company was founded in 1961, and in 1973 – transformed into a joint stock company. Today Ranbaxy is present at 23 of the top 25 pharmaceutical markets in the world, has offices in 43 countries, introduces first-class production capabilities in 8 countries and has a diverse portfolio of products, develops rapidly, and successfully operates on new and well-developed markets.

«Ranbaxy» is a large modern pharmaceutical company. It is a very complex organization that extends far beyond the country and region. A well-organized production, allows producing a huge variety of generic drugs, active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. The portfolio of «Ranbaxy» has more than 25 global brands. The company takes a very active role in ensuring the rights of patent protection in the shortest terms. And so the access to quality medicines with proven bioequivalence innovation, at an affordable price, would be quicker for the customers.

Global Presence

WalmartCurrently, the company is working with clients in more than 125 countries, with 49 working representation; growing network of subsidiaries, joint ventures and alliances. Of the top 25 markets in the world, «Ranbaxy» is present at 23. In this case, 82% of sales are provided by the top 10 global markets. The United States, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom are countries, which provide the most significant contribution. The production of this partnership is of great popularity in Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and China and in other countries.

The geographical presence of the organization is characterized by a balance due to reach markets in both developed and developing countries, as well as activities in Japan, where the generic sector is just beginning to develop. Of great importance are well-established distribution network: in the US, virtually every pharmacy has a range of at least 1 product of «Ranbaxy». According to the company, it receives the award from such famous wholesale market operators, as «Wall-Mart», «Cardinal Health» and etc.

«Ranbaxy» is a worldwide recognized and reliable company, which is famous for its highly qualified and effective products. Many years of experience only prove its stability and dependability.